Food and Beverage

We have a great kitchen team and they will be very happy to cook from our indicative menu or daily suggestions. Should you have any special request please feel free to consult with our Villa Manager, Butlers or Chef: they will assist, give recommendations and take your orders. Our indicative menu is a guideline. We emphasize we have many more choices … too many to sum all those varieties in one menu…

Ask us and we can make it for you!

All ingredients are purchased by our staff and prepared by our amazing chefs. Everything is purchased daily to guarantee fresh, delicious food. We do not stock food. We divide the total cost of every meal over the total amount of people eating in the villa + 15 % to work out a price per person. The cost depends on the market price of the day. We need 3- 4 hours for shopping to serve the food so please be so kind to put the order as early as possible to either our Villa Manager, Butlers or Chef.

We provide you with a selection of soft drinks at your bedroom’s mini bar. Please contact our Villa Manager if you need additional soft drinks, beer, wines or spirits to be stored in your mini bar or our fridge which we charge at cost price + 15 %.

Last but not least we recommend you to bring your own alcohol. Alcohol is very expensive in Bali and we can pre-stock your wines and liquor when requested. We will serve all your alcohol at no extra cost.

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