Bedroom 3

This bedroom is almost identical to bedroom number two. You could say this is a mirror bedroom of bedroom number two.

Hence bedroom number three is also well positioned with easy access to our central dining and living pavilion. It also has a king-sized bed offering green 180 degrees open views through the large windows.

The very high ceilings and teak wooden floors represent ultimate Balinese luxury. You will find a work desk and a reading corner with original Balinese contemporary art on the walls.

In between the bedroom and the bathroom we have a large dressing with wooden closets to choose your favorite outfit of the day.

The luxury en-suite bathroom has beautiful stone floorings with outdoor shower, indoor shower, terrazzo build in bath tub, two wash tables and separate restroom.

Great lighting and flowers finish this bathroom.

Bedroom 3 has a large private terrace overlooking our beautiful green lawns, jungle, river and wedding pergola. Here you have a sun bed and umbrella.

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