Bedroom 10

Bedroom 10 and bedroom 9 are designed for children to sleep and enjoy their time at Villa The Sanctuary Bali.

Each Bedroom has 5 bunk beds for maximum 10 children.

Together these bedrooms can accommodate up to 20 children. They have a small bathroom and build in closets and come each with a separate entrance. They can also be connected from the inside through a door. They overlook our wedding pergola, green lawns and stunning jungle.

Now comes the important part:

1) We find some parents don’t like their children to sleep alone in these bedrooms because they are too young. This is no problem for us and we are very happy to move some bunk beds into the parents their bedrooms. Just ask us and we will make it happen.

2) We find many of our guests ask us to accommodate adults (= 18 year +) in these bunk bedrooms. This is no problem for us. However we can’t accommodate 20 adults in these bedrooms so please be so kind to discuss this with our managing director prior to book the villa:

3) Last but not least we can remove the bunk beds out of bedroom 10 and 9 and replace them with a double bed or twin beds. Please have a good look at the pictures of the different set ups here below and we hope you will understand better.

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